Kurobe Gorge Railway 

There’s a great story to be told about the construction of the Kurobe dam and the railway that served its construction and operation to this day. Fortunately, the first part has been opened up for tourists. 

Unfortunately for us recent heavy rains have shut the line beyond Sasadaira. Still, after coming all this way we had to take what we could get. 

We rode the open sided cars along the winding edge of the valley high above the raging waters below. The train, hauled by tiny electric locomotives, was similar to the Oigawa Railway from a few years back, though it seemed to go faster. 

We ran through dark, cool tunnels and across narrow metal trellis bridges, up through the forest. There was much to see. A turret turbine building made out to be a castle, waterfalls, the river and a bridge for monkeys to scurry across. I saw one troop do so. 

At Sasadaira we were greeted by staff and temporary shelters, photo opportunities and a temporary shop selling omiyage. 

Then back down the line to Unazuki Onsen. 

I’d love to return and complete the line, stopping off at onsens along the way. The scenery is spectacular.