In the mood to book

As I stood on the beach at Kurnell and watched the aircraft fly overhead on descent to Sydney Airport I felt my travel addiction stir. I felt like attending one of those Flight Centre travel expos (next one November 4 in Sydney, a fortuitous date for us!) and booking a holiday to Europe right there on the spot.

Despite the fact that it’s mostly tour packages on offer there’s something seductive about the expos. Maybe it’s the airline stands with their glossy aircraft brochures promising all sorts of comforts and the photocopied special deals. To make a snap decision, then to spend the time until departure fitting in an itinerary. It’s a thrill!

I feel like finding some way to combine my love of travel with my work. I must look into Operations Research further. It’s one reason I am sad to leave one division now as they had an OR group. To combine travel and mathematics. What a dream!