Flight to Canberra with Virgin Blue

Yesterday marked my first flights of 2010, yet another day trip to Canberra to attend a course for work. The airline flight schedules to Canberra are greatly reduced over the quiet Christmas/New Year period while parliament is on its break. I ended up on Virgin Blue as their schedule was the most convenient.

I am quite tired of flying to Canberra as they tend to be rough and unpleasant flights, but neither did I feel like overnighting there away from B and Alex, so I didn’t have much choice.

All in all the flights were quite pleasant. On take-off from Sydney we passed along much of the beach area I walked along the other day.

I think I’ve overcome much of my morbid fear of turbulence. The air around Canberra Airport was quite bumpy but I just ignored it. I would still rather not be flying in the little Embraer E-170 jets in bad turbulence, but this time it was lovely to fly above the white carpet of clouds over Sydney, then to descend into the airport from the north. I videoed the descent into Canberra, but haven’t yet managed to publish it on YouTube.

It was also good to catch up Pascale and “her” Alex for a quick dinner before my departure and their movie. They are much missed in Sydney.

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