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Category: South Easter

  • Not so Smart

    After spending the night on the apartment couch, while B and Alex had the queen bed, it is time to leave Canberra and begin our journey home. So as not to entirely waste a visit to the city, we first make a stop at the National Gallery of Australia.  Alex wanted to revisit the War… Read more

  • Sarawak laksa and bak kut teh

    Travel is a series of quests for us. They give it structure and purpose even if the quests themselves are no more than a MacGuffin. The theme running through our Melbourne trip has been Malaysian food and, on our final day, I wanted to ensure we tried some more interesting dishes. For me it was… Read more

  • Puff Piece

    Melbourne is supposed to be a foodies’ paradise, but what would be open on Good Friday? We walk along the south bank of the Yarra from our hotel until the Princes Bridge. Past the casino and the celebrity chef restaurants that exist outside our price range. Crossing the Yarra, we head to Federation Square where… Read more

  • City views

    I gripped the steering wheel tightly and swore. “I told you I didn’t want to drive in the city, but you guys insisted!” I’ve just missed the turn to the hotel, after previously being stuck on parts of the motorway that the November 2021 GPS update doesn’t know and now I have to go on… Read more

  • Barwon Heads

    I’ll be sad to leave Barwon Heads tomorrow. I feel like I could stay here a lot longer. Doing very little and enjoying it. We take a long walk down the main street, past beach houses old and new and wooden churches with large gardens stopping by shops run by ladies with posh sophisticated accents… Read more

  • Ozone layers

    The city across the bay is so far away it might be another world, as unreachable as your past. Yet here I am reliving a childhood of escaping that city for the peace of Bellarine. I’m not certain I ever visited Portarlington, but it is now part of our story. We are back to buy… Read more

  • A study in grey

    The distant skyscrapers of Melbourne city float like ghostly silhouettes against a pale grey sky over the dark grey waters of Port Phillip Bay, an even darker line at the horizon separating sea and sky. A fast catamaran ferry cuts through the water, heading from the Portarlington jetty, where we stand, to the city, a… Read more

  • Church bells, jelly slices and ice cream

    Dong. Dong. Dong. And four more. St Paul’s Church across the road provides a Sunday morning wake up alarm whether we like it or not. For me, not. I had a headachy night with weird dreams. First thing I do when I get up is take a covid rapid antigen test (negative). Eight chimes and… Read more

  • South Easter

    The Hume Highway is far too familiar now. After Jetstar cancelled our Easter school holiday flights to Japan (the country has not yet reopened to tourists) we eventually chose just to drive south.  For the third time this year, under grey showery skies, I drive the Mazda 6 down along the M5 and on to… Read more