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WordPress ActivityPub Plugin

Last night I setup my own Mastodon server at with my account (difference between the web domain and local domain settings). Now, this account with the WordPress ActivityPub plugin also published to the same account! So, will this cause problems?

Let’s test it out!

Track going off into the distance

Welcome to allrite@

The new journey begins here. I’ve been writing travel blogs for over fifteen years. The routine is usually much of the same. At the end of the day I upload my photos and type maybe a thousands words or more into the computer (or whatever device I’m using), often staying up very late to finish it.

I love keeping a record of my trips and reliving them through my words years later. I write them for myself. That anybody else gets information or pleasure out of reading them is just a bonus.

But the world has changed and we are much more connected now. The world of social media demands less reading and more frequent updates.

So I have created this site, allrite@, as I place where I can publish updates as I go along, from any of my devices. I’ll be adding photos, videos and short observations about the places I am visiting as I visit them. They may be places far away or closer to home. Who knows? I don’t yet.

So come join me on my adventures!