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Category: Singapore 2010

  • A messy ride home

    Emerging out of the MRT station at Changi Airport is like entering a giant Star Wars set, all ultra-modern architecture with Imperial greys and white fluorescent lighting. The station is at Terminal 2 and it was necessary to catch an automated airport shuttle, which also appeared out of Star Wars, to Terminal 1, where both… Read more

  • Down in Chinatown

    The next morning Alex obviously was not well. We gave him fluids and rest but eventually it came time to check out of the hotel. Wanting to keep him out of Singapore’s heat we decided to take him to a airconditioned shopping centre. But B was determined to visit Chinatown, an area that had seemed… Read more

  • Of laksa and chicken rice

    It’s funny, but all of my best meals of laksa have been in Sydney. I’ve had some okay ones in Malaysia and Singapore, but until recently my favourite laksa was at the well known Malaysian Chinese Restaurant in Hunter Street. It was exceeded a few weeks ago by an amazingly good chicken laksa at Sinma… Read more

  • Rocky and Singapore

    Just to clear up a little confusion over dates, we visited Singapore from Wednesday 13 October and arrived back in Sydney on Sunday 17 October. Due to exhaustion and illness I am only updating the blog retrospectively. This week on Tuesday and Wednesday Alex and I visited Rockhampton, which I will write up once I… Read more

  • Breakfast was curry and dinner cereal

    Downstairs again for a breakfast of curry puffs, fried banana and roti prata. Not as nice as the roti canai of Malaysia, but really, could you ask for a better start to the day? Overhead flew Singaporean military aircraft, including transport aircraft and F-15 jet fighters. The Paya Lebar MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) station is… Read more

  • Sardines to Singapore

    It’s time for Alex to get his own seat. That was the inescapable conclusion from the flight to Singapore. In less than a month’s time it will be out of my hands anyway. He’ll have to travel in his own seat because that’s all they will allow for children over two years old. Until that… Read more

  • A short stay in Singapore

    In less than 12 hours time Alex and I will be flying off to Singapore for a few days, flying Jetstar via Darwin. B will follow a few hours later flying Qantas. While we are trapped in a narrowbody A320 with no inflight entertainment, she will be enjoying the offerings of the much bigger 747.… Read more