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Category: SA2022

  • Back to where it began

    It’s Australia Day. That’s its official name. Also called Invasion Day. Either way, it commemorates the First Fleet’s landing in Sydney Cove. Or, on a personal note, our return into Sydney back from our holiday in the south.  Basically the only nod we made to the date was sharing a lamington for breakfast. A pink… Read more

  • Jelly slice

    With a roar of their engines and the hiss of brakes the trucks turn at the big Hungry Jacks sign and behind the yellow and gold Shell service station. There in the fast food restaurant is an arcade games room and a shower, a chance to freshen up and relax after a long drive. Gundagai… Read more

  • From blue to gold

    It is time to leave South Australia and begin our journey home. On the way out of Mount Gambier, home of the Blue Lake, we stop at the Engelbrecht Cave, another sink-hole, but it is not yet open for the day. Our destination is Bendigo, but we are not taking the direct route. Instead we… Read more

  • Lobsters, limestone and lakes

    A small flock of pelicans stand on a pipe leading into Lake Albert. A few of the splash into the water, to glide in pairs on the glassy early morning surface, or to soar elegantly into the grey skies. It is difficult to tell where the lake ends and the sky begins, such is the… Read more

  • Horsepower and mullets

    Cars. Boats. Trains. And a tram pulled by a horse. Our Murray River journey continues with a drive to Goolwa, a river port that once handled paddle steamers up the river system. Past the McLaren Vale vineyards and through bucolic hills and towns.  Confused by the GPs we drive over the steep Hindmarsh Island Bridge… Read more

  • From Adelaide to Germany with Asian transits

    Most flights out of Adelaide Airport seem to head right over the city. Although it’s not a big International destination, I’ve seen flights heading out to distant lands. Our own destination today was a slice of Germany, but via quite a roundabout route. I knew Ryan online via the website and we met up… Read more

  • Adelaide Zoo and Himeji Garden

    The best way to explore a city is on foot, unless you actually are the foot involved. Sometimes the legs and the rest of the body as well. However, the brain had decided that it was sick of driving and couldn’t be bothered working out bus routes, so it was up to the legs and… Read more

  • Hay to Adelaide

    There is something to be said for the humble motel. No matter how you try to spruce them up, the pre-eighties trimmings will always show up somewhere. You cannot delude yourself that you are in a luxury hotel. But the ability to park your car right in front of your room and not deal with… Read more

  • Hey Hay it’s Tuesday

    Happy New Year!  Maybe. Anyway, it’s our first trip for 2022. A road trip to Adelaide and South Australia. Assuming that the reason I’m feeling a bit rotten right now is just because of a long day’s driving and not covid. We are at Hay, roughly the halfway point between Sydney and Adelaide. You could… Read more