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Category: Rocky2017

  • A festival, flights and a rail fail

    It’s been a long day and our short trip up to Central Queensland is now over. Though I did not feel the same dread as on the flight up, I still awoke to a sense of anxiety about our upcoming flights. At the same time the weather forecast sounded much nicer. Surely it was to… Read more

  • Crabtastic

    I got lost driving home today. To be fair, this was the first time I’ve ever driven a car there myself, I haven’t lived there for eighteen years and there’s a whole new road in-between. Still, it was a little embarrassing seeing as this was the same route my high school bus followed every day… Read more

  • A Good Friday at Greatish Keppel Island

    When most tourists think of Queensland they probably imagine a tropical paradise with islands, white sandy beaches, clear blue water and coral reefs. And they probably imagine themselves enjoying it all from some luxurious resort. The beaches of the Capricorn Coast are grey-brown with coarse sand and crushed shells. You cannot snorkel off the beach… Read more

  • From Gladstone to Yeppoon

    When I was a kid my holiday accommodation almost always involved a caravan, tent or farm cottage. So it was a rare treat to stay in a motel on my first visit to Gladstone all those years ago. The Mercure was definitely a few steps above that motel, from my vague memories of it. Unlike… Read more

  • Not glad, not stoned, just Gladstone

    People fly for many reasons. Some fly for work, some because they seek adventure. Others fly just for the joy of being in the air. And some fly because they have no choice. That’s me right now. It’s been a long time since I last visited my family in Central Queensland, six and a half… Read more