Our virtual flight is about to depart

All aboard our virtual flight to Japan, flying a Qantas Airbus A330-300 from Sydney to Osaka, just as we did back in October 2018.

A perfect day to fly, but…

The sky is clear and the breeze is an insubstantial breath. It is the perfect day to fly. I was supposed to off to Osaka in less than an hour, but COVID-19 has seen all travel cancelled. So I’m going to do a virtual trip here.

Sunset across the wing of an A380 aircraft

Reminiscing: First overseas trip alone

Collage of Westminister Abbey, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament and other London views

I rather like those Rediscover this day¬†reminders that Google Photos and other social media tools generate. I can’t believe it’s been eight years since my first overseas trip alone!

In a little over a week from now I’m going to heading off alone on another overseas adventure. Fortunately, it will only be a few days before the rest of the family catch up with me in Japan.

On that first trip I left behind a seven month year old Alex while I attended a Plone workshop in London. Along the way I stopped by Singapore and Hong Kong and made a day trip to Ghent in Belgium.

Despite missing the family it was one of my favourite trips with so many vivid moments. Maybe I’ll share some of them here over the next few days, but you can also read the details at travelling allrite.