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  • The Whale and the Elephant

    For those of you who are into flying I have posted trip reports of my flights to London via Singapore and Hong Kong at They go into more detail than my blog entries here. The Whale And The Elephant Pt 1: QF A380 SYD-SINThe Whale And The Elephant Pt 2: QF 747 SIN-LHRThe Whale… Read more

  • Hong Kong and Home

    A little before midday I woke from my slumber, still sleepy, but determined to do something in Hong Kong. I already had a shopping list and, thanks to our location, an easy place to start. The air of Hong Kong was distinctly tropical. A reminder of the local weather was a chart in the hotel… Read more

  • Goodbye London, Hello Honkers

    Not enough sleep, never enough sleep. You would think that I would take advantage of being away from my restless baby to finally get a whole night’s undisturbed rest, but somehow it never worked out like that. For starters, I don’t think that I ever adapted entirely to the different time zone. I would come… Read more

  • Last day in London

    Finally, I have found something decent on British TV. Or actually rather indecent. I was just watching the first episode of Psychoville, the new comedy thriller from a couple of the folks behind the League of Gentlemen. In other words, a very twisted and depraved program. Damn, now I want to watch the rest of… Read more

  • The streets of London

    Men wearing pearl necklaces. That’s the weird thing for today. I’m not talking Ian Thorpe necklaces either, but the full set. The two young blokes looked reasonably normal other than that. Lots of Eastern European folk smoking, their guttural accents belying their origins. But London doesn’t feel like a healthy city. It exudes a sense… Read more

  • A little bit of Britain

    Britain, Britain, Britain. Or at least the little bit of it called London. To me it’s not the mother country, not a spiritual home. Just a place that makes some damn fine comedy and the occasional great science fiction drama. Speaking of which, there is a TARDIS in front of Earl Court Station. Walking through… Read more

  • I went to Ghent

    The European Parliament, child rapists, fine chocolates, waffles, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Justine Henin-Hardenne and Almost-Aussie-Kim Clijsters. Does anyone know anything else about Belgium? I admit to being quite ignorant about the rather forgotten country of Belgium. Okay, I also admit to knowing a bit about their devastating colonialism in the African Congo and that our… Read more

  • Mummies, Monet, Mathematics, Maiasaura and Metalwork

    What do all the above things have in common? They are all on display in various museums and galleries around London and I saw them all in one day. I was so tired when I reached the Barkston Gardens Hotel in Earls Court. All I wanted to do was go to bed and sleep. The… Read more

  • The old queen of the skies

    The A380 may have stolen the Queen of the Skies title from Boeing’s 747, but the venerable old aircraft retains the charm of an old world cruise liner compared to the clean modernity of the new titleholder. I was looking forward to catching a 747 again as I have had a great many adventures on… Read more

  • Singing poorly and singing pores

    Ahh, the wonders of modern communication. B and I met through the internet back in its early days and we haven’t forgotten how to communicate online. Virtually the first thing I did when I woke up this morning was to go online and talk to B. Rather than type our conversation, as we did when… Read more