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Category: JW90

  • John Williams Birthday Bash Part 3

    After a good night’s sleep it is time to head back to Sydney and home. It’s already a quarter to ten by the time I exit the hotel and carpark. I set the music to John Williams’ complete score to the original three Star Wars movies.  Being a Sunday, the traffic is relatively light and… Read more

  • John Williams Birthday Bash Part 2

    There is something about the summer air in Victoria, especially in the mornings. Fresh and invigorating without the mind sapping humidity of the north. I am in no great rush to leave Beechworth as my hotel in Melbourne would not be ready until the afternoon. I visit the bakery for more snacks and the grocer… Read more

  • John Williams Birthday Bash Part 1

    This week marked film composer John Williams’ 90th birthday. You know him from the music to Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark, ET and much, much more, including the Olympics and the nightly news. It seems like every Australian state capital – but Sydney – is marking the occasion with a concert.  I had… Read more