Goodnight at the Hatago Inn

A hot spa is a great way to wash away the travel grime that comes from sitting in planes all day. It cannot remove my weariness though. Good night!

Osaka for sushi

Arrived in Osaka after a pretty smooth and comfortable flight. B and Alex went straight to the sushi restaurant. Me, I can’t eat due to the medicine.

Back from Osaka

The holiday is done. All back home now, including doggy. Quite a bumpy flight until we were off the coast of Australia. Saw meteors, other aircraft, a green laser over PNG and watched “The Abyss”. Lots of rain clouds over Sydney, though the threatened bumps didn’t really eventuate.

Need a shower, sleep and food now.

Checked in, but not ready to go

Well, I sort of am ready to go in that I’d love to be home in my own bed right now. It’s the intervening bit that I am dreading.

Had some French toast with berries and ice cream for “dinner”. Can’t stand savoury right now.

This stress is terrible. Terrified.

Heading back from Nara

Going to be a bit rushed collecting the luggage from the hotel to head to the airport. Had fun in Nara.