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Category: Japan Alone

  • A washout!

    It is fortunate that I completed the entire length San-in railway line when I did for three days later heavy rains washed away the stretch between Nago and Susa. It would have been very annoying to have missed this small, but very scenic, length of track. A stretch of the San-in coast between Nago and… Read more

  • Home alone

    The problem with Japanese airports, I’ve decided, is that they are too stuffy. As I was flying straight back to work the next day I wanted to be fresh and clean, but that’s rather hard when, after having a shower using the airport facilities, you just start perspiring again. Plus it makes me feel a… Read more

  • Nagoya to Narita

    What will it be, where will I go? So many potential destinations from Nagoya. But I am up against a hard limit. My flight leaves from Narita Airport at 8.30 pm and I intend to be on it. The last three days of travel have left me exhausted, so I allow myself a bit of… Read more

  • The Sanin Line – Part 2

    It was a long day. By the time the Shinkansen pulled into Nagoya station it was twelve hours from the first train to the last. But my Sanin line journey was complete. One of the nice things about this trip is the lack of alarms. Not that I sleep in much, especially considering how late… Read more

  • The Sanin Line – Part 1

    I have a dream. It’s a crazy dream I know, but it’s mine. I want to travel the length of the Sanin railway line, have done for a long time. Oh I’ve done parts of it before, but I wanted to do the whole length along the western coastline, from Shimonoseki at the far south… Read more

  • Looping around Shikoku

    A man with no plan in Japan. That’s me. Well, I had a plan. Then I dumped it. I was going to ride up to Matsuyama castle. Then I stepped outside and it was already hot. Anyway, I’ve been up there before and if I have my way and bring Alex here then I’ll go… Read more

  • Narita and Matusyama

    We’ve gone through the city of Narita so many times, never stopping to take a look. When I arrived at the airport most of the facilities were still closed and I had about six hours before my next flight. So I thought, why not Narita? The private Keisei line is by far the more frequent… Read more

  • Saying goodbye is sad

    “Daddy I missed you. I was crying.” Saying goodbye is so hard. I feel like crying too. Then a train approaches on the opposite line and sounds its horn as it arrives Wolli Creek Station. Alex hears my surprise and giggles, pretending to scare me with more horn sounds over the phone. Suddenly we both… Read more