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Category: Japan Alone 2015

  • Dreamlinering through the night

    As I step out of the Narita Express into Terminal 2 I feel an all too familiar sense of apprehension. The journey northwards had begun with confidence, but was betrayed by the skies. Now, less than fours days later, I would be plying the same path. Can the conditions change so much in such a… Read more

  • Just Joshin

    On this final day in Japan I allowed myself to sleep in and relax. I open the blinds of the panoramic window and allow the bright morning light to stream in. As always, I will miss this place. Where shall I go today? I am constrained by the hour and the need to be at… Read more

  • So high we touched the stars

    “What a difference a day makes!” I thought as the Super Asuza again headed back up towards the mountains west of Tokyo. It was not yet Tachikawa, where I had hopped off yesterday, defeated by the rain, and I could already see Mount Fuji, dark grey with streaks of snow against a sky of pale… Read more

  • Just some Boso

    Catching trains is what I like to do in Japan. I wake up on my normal schedule, despite that being way too early for Japan and after the exhaustion of the night before. Yet I ended up leaving in a hurry after discovering a hole in my pants and having to quickly (and poorly) sew… Read more

  • Dreamliner to Japan

    787 over the Tweed River I’m off to Japan. Again after only a couple of months and this time without the rest of the family. This time flying Jetstar’s new Boeing 787. I’m only going away for four days, doing the kind of things that bore the others. Riding quiet rural trains to nowhere places… Read more