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Category: Japan Alone 2012

  • Tokyo to Sydney

    Once I’m on the NEX I can relax, pull down the tray table and eat some of the snacks as we smoothly say goodbye to Tokyo. I note the new very tall Skytree tower, standing proudly in the clear air. As we race along I listen to music and reflect on this trip, short as… Read more

  • Poppo Town

    Last day in Japan and I have much to do. I wake early, feeling very refreshed despite the interruption, and pack my belongings. There is no free breakfast in the hotel. I hope to find some small cafe outside selling a breakfast of thick Japanese toast, some salad and hot chocolate and tea. Unfortunately, everywhere… Read more

  • Hirosaki to Takasaki: Go west young man!

    I wake early, my body still on Sydney daylight savings time two hours earlier than Japan’s. Struggle to get my photos downloaded and uploaded and go down for the free breakfast. It’s a basic Japanese breakfast, miso soup, onigiri (flavoured rice cakes), fish, salad, but it does the trick. It is a pity that I… Read more

  • Narita to Hirosaki by the middle way

    Once out of immigration I go straight down the escalators to the JR East office. There I purchase a five day JR East pass, allowing me travel on trains in the Kanto and Tohoku regions. Unlike a full JR Pass, these can be bought in Japan. There were so many options on the trip, so… Read more

  • The last flight out

    With the coming of daylight saving time the last of the flights overhead is the Qantas 747 to Japan. I will often be outside, taking the dog out to do his final ablutions for the night, when I hear the soft roar of a four distant jet engines cruising north into the dark night sky,… Read more

  • Goodbyes and whys

    And so the journey begins with a kiss and a sad wave goodbye. Why do I do this, heading off alone, leaving those I love behind? Struggling to sleep in a too small bed, seduced by places I’ve never seen, the mental exercise of planning, then I am vulnerable to the call. But once I… Read more