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Category: Japan 2016

  • Delays and final days

    Delays and Japan Railways are not usually two words you associate with each other. On our final day in Tokyo we had planned to visit the JR East Railway Museum in Saitama. But our train to Omiya was running late and going slowly. I think the excuse given was congestion. We had to return to… Read more

  • Dinosaurs and a chain of restaurants

    As Shinjuku gradually drifts into whatever passes for sleep in this ever partying town so must I. In sadness at leaving Japan. Today was food, shopping and a dose of dinosaurs. The hunt for breakfast was a frustrating one. Alex wanted the Vie De France bakery, but that lead us wandering both East and West… Read more

  • Wasabi and a castle

    That wasabi in a tube at home probably isn’t wasabi, but European horseradish and green colouring. How disappointing! I have had the real stuff before, grated at the table, but I never realised how hard it is to grow. Sadly, none of this knowledge was gained by visiting the Daio Wasabi Farm at Hotaka due… Read more

  • From Lego to Gundam at Odaiba

    We slept in. It was nice, but it reduced the time available for us to explore. With various options outside of Tokyo now gone we settled on taking Alex to Odaiba. I really wish that the Tokyo Teleport was real and not just the name of a train station. Yes, I talk about teleporting to… Read more

  • Gono to Tokyo

    When in another country it’s important to try the local cuisine. But sometimes it’s hard. I love a Malaysian breakfast, but Japan… It depends. Fortunately Funofushi Onsen’s breakfast was served as a buffet. So I could leave the slimy brown guts (I’m guessing) and select dishes such as grilled fish, miso soup and salad instead.… Read more

  • Gono Line, Juniko and Furofushi Onsen

    Yesterday was amazing! We boarded the Resort Shirakami 2 at Aomori for a ride down one of Japan’s most scenic rides. Rice paddies and apple orchards with snow-capped Mount Iwaki as the backdrop. At Goshogawara a couple of musicians boarded and treated us to a shamisen and traditional song performance. It was the perfect soundtrack… Read more

  • To Aomori

    Obama apologises for Hiroshima and the rubbish bins at the train stations are closed. Police are everywhere and he (and the other foreign dignitaries) aren’t even in these cities. Once again fear trumps reason. No matter, we’ve got better things to do anyway, like sort out with the hotel that we’re changing our booking and… Read more

  • Not the G7 – Back again to Japan

    I think it somewhat ironic and hopefully not portentous that I was watching London has fallen on this flight. Tomorrow is the first day of the G7 summit, being held in Japan this year, with seven major world leaders, including US president Obama in attendance. Fortunately, the summit is Ise Shima, nearer than Nagoya, while… Read more