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Category: Japan 2014

  • Lego House

    When a whole city of Lego begins devouring your home and you are visiting Denmark it only makes sense to visit the Lego House. The world’s most popular toy originated in Denmark and the headquarters and main factory still resides here. Unfortunately, Legoland is closed for winter, but Lego House remains open. This new attraction… Read more

  • Stories from Japan

    Google+ provides an alternative way of exploring our recent trip through Japan with their Stories feature: Sydney to Matsuyama Hiroshima – A Memorial Okonomiyaki in Hiroshima Mazda Factory and Museum Tokyo DisneySea Odaiba Flying home from Narita Read more

  • Homeward bound

    I really wish that Tokyo Teleport was real with access to Sydney. For a supposed aircraft lover I get awfully anxious and tired of long overnight flights. It’s always the same on the final day. Shop until you are overloaded. Catch the train to the airport. Fly off home. After reserving seats on the Narita… Read more

  • Teleport to Venus

    Today I travelled through a Teleport. It took me out to Venus Fort. Then I went over a rainbow And returned to somewhere I know We caught a train, one drove a car But really we didn’t go very far. We’ve been looking to purchase some Japanese household items on this trip and heard about… Read more

  • Tokyo DisneySea

    I was never a great fan of Disney as a kid, but I’m beginning to understand its attractions. Last year we visited our first Disney theme park; Tokyo Disneyland and thoroughly enjoyed it, despite the long queues for a number of major attractions. “For Alex’s sake” yesterday we tried out Disneyland’s neighbouring attraction, Tokyo DisneySea,… Read more

  • Down the Oito Line

    Riding the length of the Oito Line from Itoigawa to Shinjuku (well, Matsumoto, really, but you might as well go the whole way) has long been a dream of mine. It suddenly gained urgency when I read that the last length of it between Itoigawa to Minami-Otari would be closed once the Hokuriku Shinkansen to… Read more

  • Zoom-Zoom!

    What manufacturer produced a van called the Bongo and has a stadium named after their slogan “Zoom-zoom?” Mazda! Our purpose in travelling to Hiroshima was simply to visit Mazda’s car factory. Alex has a fascination with production processes and with there soon to be no large scale car manufacturing done in Australia where better to… Read more

  • Horrors and happiness in Hiroshima

    I’ve been hoping, promising, Alex for so long that he could ride on an Anpanman train like those in his book, but again I failed. The whole morning was a bit of a stuff up. We checked out of the hotel and caught a tram to the station, but the travel agency desk where JR… Read more

  • The point of the needle

    “The map showed me the place; it was so small a place as to appear just like the point of a needle. It must certainly be a poor miserable place. What the town was like, or what sort of people lived in it, was entirely unknown to me; yet it gave me neither trouble nor… Read more