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Category: Japan 2006

  • Japan in 2006

    Our 2006 trip to Japan remains as one of our favourites. Three years before we had made the first of what is now many visits to Japan, but hot and humid September weather and the dreary grey urban expanses had left us largely unimpressed. Then in 2005, at the end of a big holiday in Singapore… Read more

  • Home from Japan – Japan 2006

    It’s sad that our holiday has come to an end, but in another way it’s good to be back in our own house. Very relaxed after two weeks on the move. When we arrived in Cairns the shops in the transit area were all open. Arrival in Sydney ran smoothly and we got home quickly.… Read more

  • Leaving Japan – Japan 2006

    We have said our goodbyes to Japan and are on our way home. Despite my sadness at leaving Japan, I shall also be glad when this flight touches down and we return home. Not looking forward to cleaning up our own residence or heading off to work everyday. Working from a hotel room with great… Read more

  • Gokuri juice and sacred mountains – Matsumoto – Japan 2006

    I am very depressed right now. This is the last night that we will be looking over Shinjuku’s insane canyons of flashing neon. Tomorrow evening we return to Australia. I would be quite happy just to keep working from this cramped hotel room with the wonderful view, to go out shopping until late in the… Read more

  • Rice crackers and dolls – Japan 2006

    I got lost in Asakusa this morning. I couldn’t get my bearings and ended up walking in circles. Maybe it was the featureless grey sky. We visited the pottery and cooking supply shops along Kappabashi-dori and bought rice crackers outside of the Senso-ji temple complex district. Then we caught the subway to Asakusabashi station and… Read more

  • 1am in Shinjuku – Japan 2006

    It’s 1am in Shinjuku, Tokyo, and I am typing this from a Sharp Muramasa (PC-CV50F) mini notebook computer that I just picked up second hand from Sofmap. The big signs are dimming, the trains stopped and the traffic slowing a little. It’s good to be back in Shinjuku, but it’s a reminder that our holiday… Read more

  • Gardens, samurai homes and geisha streets – Japan 2006

    Our day began with a Japanese breakfast at the ryokan. Cooked fish, pickled vegetables, omelette, miso soup and rice. It wasn’t as bad as I imagined, but neither was it by preferred way to start the day. We then stepped out of the ryokan and wandered down to the nearby Nagamachi samurai district, bounded by… Read more

  • Snow and night cherry blossoms – Takayama to Kanazawa – Japan 2006

    Japan just keeps improving. I hope it stays this way. Last night we suddenly changed our minds and decided to go to Kanazawa instead of Matsumoto and Nagano. So we caught a local train north instead of a bus to the east. As the train ascended into the mountains snow drifts began appearing. Soon most… Read more

  • Takayama and the farming village – Japan 2006

    Another day exploring Takayama. The crowds gathered in front of three of the floats hosting marionette performances. They were somewhat interesting, but I guess that an appreciation of Japanese culture and music may have helped. While waiting for the performances to begin we ate grilled fish on a stick and more hida beef kebabs, along… Read more

  • Takayama Festival – Japan 2006

    Today we said goodbye to Osaka and packed our bags for Takayama. First we caught the Shinkansen to Nagoya. According to the JR office, the reserved sections from Nagoya to Takayama were fully booked. That’s not surprising as Takayama is hosting one of Japan’s largest festivals for these two days. It was my hope that… Read more