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Category: Asia 2016

  • Supercolliders and Scooting home

    I’ve written before how much I hate the final day of a holiday, especially if it involves a night flight. The anxiety of the upcoming flight and the knowledge that there’s nowhere to rest before it. Our Scoot flight home is not until the utterly silly time of 1.45AM the following morning. After a breakfast… Read more

  • Yum cha and Gardens By The Bay

    When we were researching our aborted side trip to Hong Kong we searched for good yum cha (or dim sum) restaurants. The name Tim Ho Wan kept appearing. This Michelin starred Hong Kong restaurant opened a couple of branches in Sydney last year, but the queues dissuaded us from trying it. They also have branches… Read more

  • Chinatown and seafood

    Singapore recently celebrated its fiftieth anniversary of independence and there are signs of the celebration everywhere. The bookshops are full of nationalistic tomes for children, along with those celebrating the life and mourning the also recent death of Singapore’s founding father Lee Kwan Yew. This island city prefers a polished version of its history and… Read more

  • Singapore Science Centre

    We all felt like crap today. Chewed up and shat out. It stank. And it happened twice. Two of us thought it fun. All of us saw something shocking. And more than one thing simply frightening. Hopefully we all learned something from the experience. I’m talking about the Singapore Science Centre. After a pretty decent… Read more

  • Taipei to Singapore

    Our time in Taiwan had come to an end. I like the country. The people are unpretentious and friendly, seemingly more relaxed than Mainland China or its other outposts. It’s a pretty place too. The cities are much more grungy than Japan, but that’s attractive in its own way. Alex’s Mandarin lessons certainly helped on… Read more

  • Maokang Gondola and Ximan

    Alex was in charge today, or at least for the first part of it. Back to the local place for a breakfast of dumplings and buns. Despite the miserable weather Alex  insisted we catch the Maokong Gondola, a cable car on the mountainous ouotskirts of Taipei. To get there we caught the MRT between Zhongshan and Nanjing… Read more

  • A quick Asia 2016 update

    Hello from Taipei. There’s so much to write about our trip so far, but I’ve lacked the energy to do so yet. I think it shall have to wait until I reach home. The story so far… Our Scoot flight from Singapore to Sydney felt very long. Salt lakes in the Australian desert actually had… Read more

  • Spirited Away to Jiufen

    Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away is one of my all time favourite movies. This beautiful animated feature tells the story of Chihiro, a young girl who must find her way out of a spirit world and rescue her parents. Although the movie is Japanese some of the inspiration for the spirit town came from the old goldmining… Read more

  • The Neiwan Line

    We’re in Taiwan, it’s Sunday and it’s raining. What to do? I’m scared of weekends in Taiwan. Last time the tourist destinations were very crowded. We don’t feel like museums or shops. I want to go on at least one scenic railway line this trip. Last time we caught the Pingxi Line on a weekend.… Read more

  • Wandering around old Taipei

    I’ve heard that business passengers like overnight flights because it enables them to do a full day of work. Maybe if you can afford a nice lie flat bed on the plane that might be true, but for those of us who can’t sleep it means a day of exhaustion before your hotel will let… Read more