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Category: Asia 2013

  • Low Cost Asia Trip Reports

    I’m not over my last holiday. Still haven’t got my old sleeping patterns back. I think it’s because I’ve still been busy writing up trip reports, this time focussing on the aviation aspect for Low Cost Asia 2.1: AirAsiaX SYD-KUL-SIN Low Cost Asia 2.2: Jetstar SIN-KIX J in a Typhoon Low Cost Asia 2.3:… Read more

  • Asia 2013 in short

    It appears that 30,000 words is too many for most people to read, so here’s a summary of our recent trip to Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and Japan. It’s okay, I write this blog mainly to record my trips for myself, if anyone else finds it interesting then that’s just a bonus. Singapore We flew to… Read more

  • The end of the line

    Where is that, the old track going? Where is there, I want to know Running away, I want to follow Far away, I want to go Into the distance, the old track leading Into the unknown, I will follow Hidden away, I will seek Beyond horizons, I will go Comes the time, the old track… Read more

  • The quiet of Takasaki

    Last sleep in Japan after an unremarkable day. Got woken up way too early by Alex while B kept sleeping, had a breakfast of toast across the road, then lugged our ever increasing baggage to the Shinkansen platform at Kyoto station, the one visible from our room the night before. The reserved sections were booked… Read more

  • More springs and shabu shabu

    “This was the best hotel ever!” said a sad Alex as he trudged away from the Morizuya ryokan. None of us wanted to leave, least of all him. We had woken up, packed, played trains upstairs for a short while, and returned for the breakfast in our room. Again it was dish after dish. Soup… Read more

  • The little Jedi of Kinosaki Onsen

    A long time ago in a land far, far away. That’s what it felt like as we walked the streets of Kinosaki Onsen dressed in our yukatas, the clop-clop of wooden getas sounding in the air. In his robes Alex looked the spitting image of a young Jedi padawan, all that was missing was the… Read more

  • From springs to shopping and shabu shabu

    Sleeping on the floor can be really comfortable – if there is a shikibuton beneath you and a thick warm kakebuton on top. None of us really wanted to get up in the morning. I would have been happy to have a lazy breakfast in the cafe opposite and view the replica foods at Iwasaki… Read more

  • The cool springs of Gujo Hachiman

    One reason that I keep returning to Japan is to ride the quiet country railway lines that must surely be living on borrowed time before they are shutdown forever. Perhaps I should pay similar attention to my own country. While researching abt railways for the last post I discovered that Tasmania’s West Coast Abt Railway… Read more

  • Abtsolutely fabulous: The Oigawa Railway

    “It’s too quiet here. Except for a couple of hours when the trains arrive we don’t get any visitors,” said the very helpful lady from the tourist office. “It’s your fault,” I tell myself, then explain to her that “You need to promote yourself more. Nobody knows about the Oigawa Railway outside of Japan. It’s… Read more

  • Trams, trains and pedal cars

    Trams once plied the streets of Tokyo, as they did many other cities across the world. Sadly, all that remains today is a single line through mostly obscure northern Tokyo suburbs. Judging by the patronage today it is still a popular option. After reading this article by Gianni Simone I knew I had to ride on the… Read more