Universal Studios Japan

From a Japanese film studio yesterday to a Hollywood theme park today. This was our second visit to USJ and we also visited their Singapore sibling earlier this year. 

It felt like Singapore. Hot, humid and big tropical clouds threatening in the sky. None of the miserable wet weather of our last visit. I think I preferred it. 

I would personally like to have gone hunting a Series 500 Shinkansen and visited Takamatsu in Shikoku or Kita Kyushu. The others complain of boredom on trains. Well that’s what I experience at amusement parks. 

I just like the general settings and a bit of the food. I don’t actually like many rides and have to find somewhere to sit or stand while B and Alex go on rides with hour long queues. 

Their first ride was Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey in the huge Hogwarts recreation. I just went on the walking tour through the dark corridors but Alex emerged crying and dizzy with fear. Even B admitted that it was a scary ride. 

To his great credit he picked himself up and went on a number of other rollercoasters afterwards. 

Meanwhile I watched magic shows, drunk butterbeer and got sunburned. The young lady, Matsumoto, serving the creamy white headed vanilla flavoured non-alcoholic “beer” loved my sushi lifting t-shirt. It’s funny the positive responses I get from locals about my t-shirts, despite them being of the Japanese brand UniQlo. 

The butterbeer came in a delicious “frozen” form or as a cold drink, but nobody had heard of the hot version we tried last visit. 

Alex loved the Minion Mayhem ride, the Flight of the Hippogryph, Jurassic Park and the Snoopy Coaster. We watched Waterworld in Japanese rather than Singaporean English and watched Ron Howard dubbed in Japaneseand wearing a terrible cardigan at the Backdraft show. 

Space Fantasy – The Ride messed it all up. A spinning coaster, Alex emerged motion sick, miserable and exhausted. He didn’t enjoy the amazing 3D/live action hybrid of the Terminator 2 show (which contradicts the only living tissue time travel rule of the movies). I admit the ending was a true assault on the senses. 

His all-you-can-eat was almost nothing when we left the park for dinner and our train got stuck for a long time. Yet he perked up on the way back to the hotel. Not enough to want to enjoy a final view of the city at night. 

Tomorrow evening we begin our return to Sydney. I’m not looking forward to the flight or leaving Japan. 

Toei Kyoto Studio Park 

XToei are a major Japanese film and television studio making shows ranging from historical dramas to animation and live action superhero series. In addition to working studios, the Kyoto Park provides a range of activities. 

After another long walk through local Kyoto with its tiny shops, houses and even a temple or two we caught the Sagano railway line a few stops. 

We arrived so late that most of the live shows and demonstrations had finished. After going through the Amazing Maze with its optical illusions we made it to the Jidaigeki show, where they demonstrate some of the effects on a samurai drama set. Despite the language barrier it’s a lot of fun! 

There was also a singsong one lady show of some amazing tied chopstick tricks at the theatre.

That left us with only enough time to wander quickly through the old sets and the Ultramen/Power Rangers displays. Quite intresting, but be warned that many attractions cost extra. Would have been nicer to see the sword demonstrations as well.

Quite fun, but Alex’s highlight was still the ticket gate.

Legoland Japan

Everyone loves Lego. Except if you step on a plastic brick in the dark. I wonder if that’s part of the occupational health and safety manual here at Legoland. 

It’s not too different from Legoland Malaysia, which we visited a few years ago. Except no water park and the hotel is still under construction. 

Feels like the same heat and lack of shade too. 

Some pretty tame rides suitable for me, plus a couple of rollercoasters Alex refused to go on (my absence was a given). 

The Miniland recreations of Japan in Lego we absolutely amazing. 

I personally would rather have visited the train museum nearby. Maybe tomorrow or the next day…