We had a lot of sleep to catch up on. With that done, a breakfast of doughnuts and croquettes at the train station, along with hot and iced chocolates that the Koreans refer to as “lattes”. No coffee.

The subway takes us up a few stops to the city centre at Seomyeon. Our nominated quest is to find the PooPoo Land amusement centre. This is on the tenth floor of the Samjung Tower, a centre devoted mainly to young people.

There are lots of delays on the way up. Clothing stores, manga and anime outlets and a video game arcade where Alex redeems his lack of basic gun knowledge with BB gun sharpshooter prowess.

PooPoo Land looks like it is aimed at a younger generation, but next to it is Running Man, where participants race to complete games of skill and physicality.

B and Alex give it a go. I managed to miss a final stair at the hotel and, as I felt my ankle twist, I dropped and rolled. I mostly saved myself from spraining my weakened ankle again, but it is still tender and I didn’t feel up to some of the activities. Apparently I missed out. They both love it.

It is kaiten sushi for lunch at Sushiro a few floors down. Not only was there a regular conveyer belt, but above it was an express order service complete with switches and sidings to deliver meals from the kitchen to the table. B and Alex agree that the sashimi is very fresh and of high quality.

Returning to Seomyeon metro via the underground shopping passage as rain spat above ground, we catch the the train to Jungang. From there we walk to then Busan Museum of Movies.

Busan isn’t just about the train escaping zombies to it when it comes to cinemas. Each you the city hosts the prestigious Busan International Film Festival. You may also have seen it in Black Panther.

Unfortunately it is only an hour until the museum closes, and exhibits are mostly in Korean with limited English. But it does have a number of interesting hands on activities, such as chroma keying and voice dubbing.

We are kicked out as the museum closes and, in spitting rain, walk a bit further to Nampo station underground. This leads us to Busan Lotte Town, a shopping centre where we have great milkshakes and bad fried chicken.

There’s a Samsung shop where we admire their latest phones, tablets and laptops, but the prices are close to Australia. At the centre of the mall is “The world’s tallest musical fountain, which puts on an impressive show every hour.

Bored, we walk out towards the famous Jagaichi Fish Markets. The main market building is closed, whether due to the time or the public holiday,.but restaurants and smaller markets are still open and touting for business.

The prices are really good, but we had seafood last night and don’t really feel like it again.

We buy doughnuts from a small vendor near the Jagaichi metro station entrance. Further up a lines of temporary stalls selling grilled and fried seafood and other dishes. We have tempura and fishcakes and tteokbokki rice cakes with sauce in one, then let Alex order a burger from the adjacent Lotteria.

The whole area is wonderfully atmospheric at night and I regret not having a chance to photograph it properly.

With that we have had enough for the day and decide to call it a night.

It’s still late.

Back to Seoul tomorrow.

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