Beautiful airport approaches

The descent into an airport is often the most spectacular part of a flight. Australian Business Traveller today published the results of a survey of 3,000 private jet service PrivateFly flyer’s favourite approaches, with Queenstown as number one.

Sadly I’ve flown into none of the airports listed, but here are five of my favourites


Singapore was the first foreign airport I ever flew into. You make your way across the islands of Indonesia until you are suddenly confronted with a massive parade of ships that demonstrate just how important international trade is to the city-state.

London Heathrow

If you are lucky enough to have a clear day and are sitting on the right hand side of the aircraft you may be treated to a spectacular tour of London’s famous sights as you wind your way up the Thames and down into Heathrow.


There are almost 3,000 islands in the Inland Sea of Japan and they provide a beautiful backdrop as you gently descend into Matsuyama airport on the island of Shikoku.

Gold Coast

From the south is imposing Mount Danger and the fertile farmlands around the Tweed River. But it was on an early morning descent into Coolangatta that we captured this most gorgeous sunrise.


Last but not least is the airport approach that I am most familiar with. From the early morning mist filled valleys around the Hawkesbury River to the sun shimmering off the waters of the Harbour with its famous landmarks, the descent from the north into Sydney is definitely one of my favourites. Welcome home!

So what’s your favourite airport approach?

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