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Month: December 2017

  • Travel in 2017

    Looking back across 2017 I’m surprised by how much travel I actually did. January: Singapore and Japan If I was to single out one word for my trips this year it would be snow. Though I’ve been to the snow before, this trip was the first time I’d really experienced snow. We started with a week… Read more

  • Driving it home

    Driving it home

    Made it home and home to stay. I left the office at one in the afternoon, passed three police cars on the Hume Highway, then suffered my only delay at the exit of the M5 to Fairford Road. I was pretty tired after the ride, but no rest as I had to take Alex to… Read more

  • A quick Canberra escape

    Our team held its end of year meeting and get together in Canberra this year. To save a bit of money and to ensure that I could make it back in time for Alex’s tennis lesson back in Sydney I drove down. This was the first time I’ve driven such a long distance alone. On… Read more

  • Escape!


    After a day of team meetings it was time to let our hair down. Dividing into two teams each group took on one of the Expedition Escape Rooms. My group tried to solve the puzzles in the Da Vinci room. We failed, but I think we did pretty well, considering that it was the first… Read more

  • Driving alone

    Driving alone

    The problem with driving a car is that you can’t take photos. And driving alone means nobody else can take them for you. It was such a beautiful sunset this evening. Swirls of icy contrails in the sky, their parent planes long gone. Low cloud, grey, indistinct against the salmon, orange and gold glow of… Read more