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  • Wattle and cherry blossom

    On the last days of winter, Canberra blooms with the yellow of wattle and the pink and white of cherry blossoms. Public servants and consultants dressed in black scuttle past having bought their morning coffees and now heading off to work. I sit in a Max Brenner drinking thick hot chocolate to ward off the… Read more

  • One night in Canberra

    It’s the April school holidays and we are too busy to have a break but need one because of that. And because it’s the Easter weekend the options are limited, so we just drive down to Canberra for the night. No, this isn’t our first trip for 2023. I wrote about Japan on another site. … Read more

  • Journey’s beginning

    Journey’s beginning

    The sky is silver. It is the day before our journey begins, my first international trip in three and a half years. The bags are almost packed, the housework done. Tomorrow afternoon we go to the hotel near the airport to stay a night before our early departure. For so long through the pandemic I… Read more

  • A selection of jams

    We’re home now. The last two days of our Brisbane trip involved a lot of driving but not always much movement. On Wednesday we arranged to met Sis and her family at Robina Town Centre, a massive shopping mall. That meant a drive down towards the Gold Coast along the same motorway we’d driven up… Read more

  • Sis at South Bank

    It’s been over four years since I last saw my sister and her family. In that time that family has grown is both size and number.  In fact, she was the reason for this trip. They drove south from Rockhampton while we drove north from Sydney. We arrange to meet at the Queensland Museum across… Read more

  • Boxing Day in Brisbane

    No post Christmas recovery for us. We walk up to Queen Street Mall again in search of breakfast. The Boxing Day sale crowds were building as the shops began to open. Brisbane’s city centre feels large and impressive, but also a bit like some of the more modern parts of Singapore. The tropical heat and… Read more

  • Up to Brissy for Chrissy

    It’s Christmas Day. We are celebrating it alone as a family, the presents were opened yesterday, our lunch was leftovers turned into a salad and our dinner was Hungry Jacks. But the tiny Christmas tree from home sits on the hotel room desk, wrapped with colourful battery powered lights. There’s pudding and custard, cherries and… Read more

  • WordPress ActivityPub Plugin

    WordPress ActivityPub Plugin

    Last night I setup my own Mastodon server at with my account Read more

  • ActivityPub from WordPress

    ActivityPub from WordPress

    Okay, I’ve now setup my own Mastodon instance elsewhere, but it’s not necessarily the best tool for a personal instance. There is a WordPress ActivityPub plugin which allows your posts to appear in timelines. I’m testing it out here, but I’m not sure if the security software blocks it so it may take a few… Read more

  • First steps into the Fediverse

    First steps into the Fediverse

    Testing whether WordPress posts show up in Mastodon. I had one display, but hopefully the security software isn’t blocking. Let’s see! Read more